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Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Fri Dec 15 12:09:46 CST 2006

On Fri, 15 Dec 2006, Scott Miller wrote:

> I see where they're reporting about a million customers without power in
> King County - anyone here in the affected area?  How's the network holding
> up?  They're saying it might take five days or more to get power back for
> everyone.  Hmm.. is there anything out there capable of plotting traffic
> trends or showing an animated map for the area?

I'm just north of there, next county up.  Our house didn't lose
power this time for once!  The weather here over the last 5 weeks or
so has been truly amazing, what with 2 big windstorms, MAJOR
flooding (took out many of my neighbors), a big snowfall in the
lowlands that turned to ice on the roads down in King/ Pierce/
Thurston counties...  Major bridges including the 520 bridge across
Lake Washington, the Hood Canal bridge, and the Tacoma Narrows
bridge were closed last night, not sure which have been opened yet.

Many people here at work live down in King County and are without
power.  Many others in Snohomish county or Island County are also
without power.

Many trees are down all over.  Transformers were exploding all over.
One lady down south drowned in her basement which filled to the
rafters with water, and two deaths have been attributed to falling
trees on the roads so far.  We had trees falling all up and down our
road:  The big one north of me was already opened up with a chainsaw
so I got to work on the first path I took, but there are leaning
trees so the schoolbus can't gather up kids today.

KD7NM had an Xastir snapshot of the region showing the wind vanes
yesterday but I haven't checked it today.  The storm's about over
though, or so they say.  We might get snow this weekend yet, but
probably not at the lowest elevations.

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