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[aprssig] Winaprs 2.8.2 for pmap3

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Sun Dec 17 04:14:00 UTC 2006

You have to download a special version of the later versions that will use
the PMAP 3.0 ocx. They should be on the TAPR site. It has a bug in that the
pmap windows can not be resized and remain a square, it will also put little
ghost bars down in the task bar for each pmap window open. The version you
have is probably using the ocx file for later pmap software.

Thank You,
Brian N2KGC
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Subject: [aprssig] Winaprs 2.8.2 for pmap3

  Has anyone had trouble with the above version of Winaprs
  for pmap3..Such as not being able to access the precision mapping disc
located in drive D:/, From Winaprs when its up and running.I also moved all
nessasary files to C:\...And
  Winaprs 251 will access it from C:\...But version 2.8.2 will
  not allow me to change the Drive from D:\ to C:\..Maybe i have a defective
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