[aprssig] Mic muting

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Sun Dec 17 21:06:07 CST 2006

At 09:57 PM 12/17/2006, Scott Miller wrote:
>The problem exists even if NO TNC is installed.  Try it - turn the volume up
>in data mode, and you'll get speaker pops when the squelch opens.  At least
>you do on the Mk II.

I turned the volume up and then knocked the squelch down to 00 and 
sent transmit, then turned the squelch up until it was back at 4 
(where it was before).  I don't hear popping.. If I put my ear to the 
speaker I can hear what sounds like a faint white noise and I'll hear 
it go between that and nothing.  I don't hear popping or anything 
though.  Usually my idea of popping is something irritating, this 
just sounds like it breaks between nothing and the faint white noise, 
there's no 'pop'.

I have an original 135TP, not a MK series.

>Yeah, seems to be a common complaint.  I've had KISS mode running on the T2
>for months with no problems - works great with UI-View and Xastir, anyway.

My IGate runs Xastir. I'll keep watching the T2 progress.

--Droo, K1XVM

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