[aprssig] PSKMail Live CD

Stephen Brown Jr stephen.brown75 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 22:43:06 CST 2006

This is pretty neat, I didn't even know something like this existed, and
being a linux program makes it all more the better for me! :D

I'm definitely going to look into this, I would love to see a free
alternative to the overhyped Winlink system.

Thanks for sharing!


On 12/19/06, Brian B. Riley <brianbr at mac.com> wrote:
> Steve Ford's January 2007 Eclectic Technology profiled a freeware
> alternative to the Pactpr based WinLink 2000. Unfortunately for many
> its only available in Linux. Fortunately, for the misfortunate there
> is a Live Boot CD available from SM0RWO at
>       <http://www.crusefalk.se/psklive/>
> It is a 411 MB download as an ISO file ready to be burned. I have
> booted it up on two different Intel based machines here and it runs
> very nicely. The disk was hard to get as the first few days after QST
> hit homes, the website got hammered pretty hard, It took me 12 hours
> to pull the file!
> If you do not have access to broadband or don't want the hassle I
> have made it available at Ye Olde Disk Shoppe for the usual fee of
> $3.50 ( covering, label, media, copying, mailer, Paypal and postage)
>    <http://www.wulfden.org/DiskShop.shtml>
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