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[aprssig] RE: Packet errors

Bogdan, Rick rbogdan at ursinus.edu
Fri Dec 22 23:58:27 UTC 2006

Hi Bill,
Now that you mention it and looking at it again, I think you are right.
How how to fix it.  It's being generated by Wserver, weather software for my weather station.  I just got it back up and running, just not correctly.
Rick ka1udx


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  Looks like 2 packets contancated into one.   They appear to be identical packets generated by a1w.
Bill KC9XG

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	Subject: Packet errors
	Hello to the group, and Happy Holidays.
	Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this packet?
	It shows up at FindU.com as a bad packet.
	Thanks in advance,
	Rick ka1udx


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