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Bogdan, Rick rbogdan at ursinus.edu
Fri Dec 22 18:18:29 CST 2006

Ok, changed a few things and this is what comes up:
I think I pasted the original twice, my mistake with the email.
Rick ka1udx


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  Are you really at 12 degrees, 34.56 minutes North and 12 degrees 34.56minutes west?  I don't think so since qrz.com indicates you are in licensed in Pennsylvania.  The repeating 123456 certainly seems suspicious.  The originating call sign is usually upper case, but yours are lower case.
The FindU error page at http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/errorlist.cgi?call=ka1udx&last=6 takes issue with your packets also.

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	Hello to the group, and Happy Holidays.
	Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this packet?
	It shows up at FindU.com as a bad packet.
	Thanks in advance,
	Rick ka1udx


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