[aprssig] Packet errors

Bogdan, Rick rbogdan at ursinus.edu
Fri Dec 22 19:07:18 CST 2006

Hi Steve,
Thanks, I'll shut it off until I fix it.
Thanks for the reply, and have a Happy Holiday.
Thanks for the service you provide the APRS community.
Rick ka1udx


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On Dec 22, 2006, at 6:21 PM, Bogdan, Rick wrote:

> Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this packet?
> ka1udx>APRS,TCPXX*,qAX,T2WXCWOP:@222322z1234.56N/
> 01234.56W_045/001g006t042a1wka1udx>APRS,TCPXX*,qAX,T2WXCWOP:@222322z12
> 34.56N/01234.56W_045/001g006t042a1w
> It shows up at FindU.com as a bad packet.
Presuming that you simply hit the paste button twice, explaining the 
double packet (it does not show double on the findU error page or the 
raw data page) it is a weird side effect of using a made up lat/lon. 
Many trackers and programs send zeros as a lat/lon when none is 
entered. I could test for this with a compound boolean like

(($lat == 0) && ($lon == 0))

instead I just use

($lat+$lon == 0)

Since western hemisphere lats are represented as negative, the sum of 
the lat and lon you are sending add up to zero.

I didn't intend for this test to look for people that enter the same 
made up number for lat and lon, but it does, and it caught you! You 
should not be sending bad positions, it makes maps in all the clients 
look screwy, and messes up things like my near page.

Enter your correct latitude and longitude and it will work fine!

Steve K4HG

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