[aprssig] D700 in cold weather?

Joel Maslak jmaslak-aprs at antelope.net
Sun Dec 24 21:23:11 CST 2006

Does anyone have D700 in cold weather experiences?

Is it normal for the fan to run in extreme cold (it seems to not run  
very much, or at least not loud enough for me to hear, when warm).   
My current theory is that the temperature control system thinks a  
"too cold" measurement means "sensor failed" or some such and turns  
up the fan all the way.  It's certainly not transmitting enough to  
get warm.

The other possibility is that I have bearings going out in the fan,  
and that's why it's a bit louder.  So I'm curious about people's  
experience with it in cold weather.  I'm getting really tempted to  
disconnect the fan, as it's not good for it to run in the extreme  
cold either way (my usual rule for electronics that go in the car is  
"no moving parts" because of the temperature extremes - obviously the  
D700 fails that test, and I broke my rule - that'll teach me!  A big  
heat sink would have been a much better idea, like even the cheap  
Alincos do).

(for reference, "cold" is -5F and colder)

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