[aprssig] D700 in cold weather?

Rich Mazzeo forummail at richmazz.com
Mon Dec 25 04:38:35 CST 2006

    I agree.  My D700 fan got noisy about 2 months prior to seizing 
altogether. It has been seized for well over a year and a half with no ill 
effets at room temp. The fan starts up only after being keyed no matter what 
the temp is, same as in the TM-V7a.


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> Hmmm... according to my info from Kenwood there is no temperature control
> system in the D700 instead (and like many kenwood mobiles) the fan is
> designed to turn on when the radio is keyed and turn off after a
> predetermined time has passed (probably a FET or 555 timer or similar
> controlling this). A better idea would have been to position the fan to
> actually cool what gets hot instead of blowing into a flat surface but
> then Kenwood has done that with many radios. Unless your radio's fan
> actually says 'ball bearings' on it then it probably has bushings and
> they get noisy pretty quick. I haven't seen a Kenwood mobile yet come
> equipped with a fan that has ball bearings but I haven't seen everything
> yet.
> 73,
> Gary
> Joel Maslak wrote:
>> Does anyone have D700 in cold weather experiences?
>> Is it normal for the fan to run in extreme cold (it seems to not run
>> very much, or at least not loud enough for me to hear, when warm).
>> My current theory is that the temperature control system thinks a
>> "too cold" measurement means "sensor failed" or some such and turns
>> up the fan all the way.  It's certainly not transmitting enough to
>> get warm.
>> The other possibility is that I have bearings going out in the fan,
>> and that's why it's a bit louder.  So I'm curious about people's
>> experience with it in cold weather.  I'm getting really tempted to
>> disconnect the fan, as it's not good for it to run in the extreme
>> cold either way (my usual rule for electronics that go in the car is
>> "no moving parts" because of the temperature extremes - obviously the
>> D700 fails that test, and I broke my rule - that'll teach me!  A big
>> heat sink would have been a much better idea, like even the cheap
>> Alincos do).
>> (for reference, "cold" is -5F and colder)
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