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Richard Amirault ramirault at verizon.net
Mon Dec 25 23:10:38 CST 2006

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From: "Ben Lindner"
Subject: [aprssig] UPS
> I have been given a 600VA UPS without any leads or anything else all it 
> needed was a new battery.
> My questions is does anyone use one for backup supply for a TNC or power a 
> TNC with it. If so how have you done it and do you just connect the TNC to 
> the battery and plug the UPS into mains supply to keep the battery 
> charged.

Not sure I understand how you expect to hook this up.

First .. you seem to want to hook your TNC up to the battery of the UPS. 
The battery of the UPS is designed to power whatever is plugged into the 
110vac (or whatever power you have) sockets of the UPS.  If you attach an 
external load to the battery (your TNC) then I'm not sure the charging 
circuit of the UPS will work properly.

Second .. what good is a powered TNC if your radio is not powered?

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