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[aprssig] UPS

Michael Hatzakis, Jr MD lists at hatzakis.net
Tue Dec 26 19:25:31 UTC 2006

I'll try to be helpful here... First, most UPS's do not run on 12v, they run
on 48v for the older and larger units and the newer one's use a lower
voltage, but still much higher than 12v required for TNC's and radios, so
you simply cannot use a UPS to keep batteries charged to run a TNC/Radio if
this is what you were thinking...

The best thing to do, and is what I do, is use a UPS to power your PC's and
other devices that NEED 115v, then use a large 12v power supply to power
radios and TNC's.  If you buy separate 12v batteries and keep them charged
using a West Mountain radio, PWRGate, to keep them charging, then when you
have a power loss, your UPS only runs those devices requiring 115v and then
the rest will automatically be powered on batteries using the PWRGate.  I
think this is a similar config that many I have heard on this list also use.

Michael  K3MH  Bellevue, WA

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Ben Lindner wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been given a 600VA UPS without any leads or anything else all it 
> needed was a new battery.
> My questions is does anyone use one for backup supply for a TNC or power 
> a TNC with it. If so how have you done it and do you just connect the 
> TNC to the battery and plug the UPS into mains supply to keep the 
> battery charged.
> Ben Lindner
all my TNC's run from 12 V DC and draw very littl power.
I dont understand what you are trying to do.

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