[aprssig] Attn UI-View Users: Precison Mapping 8.0 Service Pack 1 Released.

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Dec 27 01:18:38 CST 2006

For those of you using  Precision Mapping 8.0 with UI-View.......

The original release of Precision Mapping 8.0 re-introduced several bugs 
that had been removed from late releases of Ver 7.0 with several service 

Worse, a corrupted road database used in the build for Ver 8.0 resulted 
in HUNDREDS of older and major streets in Los Angeles county, California 
being broken or just plain missing.   Here are some comparisons between 
PMap 7 and PMap 8:

     < http://wa8lmf.net/PMap7-Pasadena.gif >

     < http://wa8lmf.net/PMap8-Pasadena.gif >

     < http://wa8lmf.net/LA-HollywoodFwy-101Pasadena 
Fwy-110-Four-Level.gif >

     < http://wa8lmf.net/LA-Sunset-Blvd--Santa-Monica-Blvd.gif >

These problems have now been fixed with the release of Service Pack 1 
for PMap 8.0   Download it here:

      <  http://www.undertowsoftware.com/Public/PMSAT80-SP1.exe >      

This is an 18MB self-extracting installer.   Unpack it into the main 
Precision Mapping 8.0 program folder. 

The  WA8LMF "UI-View Notes" pages, noted in the footer of each message 
on this list, have been updated to reflect the service pack release.


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