[aprssig] Coverage between Oklahoma City and Little Rock

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Dec 27 19:01:04 CST 2006

How's coverage out there?  I've got a tracker in a friend's car and he's
driving from California to Columbus, OH.  East of Oklahoma City it seemed to
drop out for about 5 hours.  Prior to that it had been working well, and I
was able to send it a few configuration commands.  Looks like it's working
again now as he's approaching Memphis, though I haven't been able to get my
commands gated.

The tracker is running 10 watts into a 1/4 wave mag mount with a WIDE2-2
path.  Should that path be OK back there?  Can't run any higher power on
that setup without blowing a fuse - it's a temporary install and only has
power from the cigarette lighter.


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