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[aprssig] power poles (oh noooo)

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Thu Dec 28 17:34:02 UTC 2006

On Dec 28, 2006, at 12:14 PM, R. Simmons wrote:

> Poles similar to power poles are often used as pilings for piers  
> and wharfs.
> Possibly they recieve special treatment for their harsh  
> environment, since
> they are ( largely ) submerged for their entire lifespans. I would  
> suggest
> you pursue that line of thought, contact a harbor department, etc.
Finally, an intelligent conversation about Power Poles, if a bit off- 
topic! Funniest thing I've heard on the sig in a while!

AFAIK, there is no special marine treatment. Typical pressure  
(arsenic-copper) treated 4x4's last about 4 years in tidal areas, and  
rot at the area which is intermittantly exposed to air. A power pole  
would last  longer, but if it were under load it would not be long  
until the load bearing ability was compromised.

Steve K4HG

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