[aprssig] Re: power poles (oh noooo)

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Fri Dec 29 11:23:14 CST 2006

At 06:46 AM 12/29/2006, Rick Green wrote:

>  Well, "The Andersons" sells lumber as well as about everything else, in 
> Maumee, OH.  That's a little bit inland from lake Erie, so they deal 
> mostly with the farm trade rather than sailors.

I love their stores.  They use to have a few in Indiana, too.   Although I 
now live on the left coast...  I can't think of a place around here where 
you can buy a giant socket wrench, 5 gallon pails of red barn paint, and 
pick up some gourmet cheese and a bottle of Mouton Rothschild, all in one 
stop.  Worth the trip if you're ever in NW Ohio.

As for sailors, the Anderson's is responsible for shipping grain and plant 
nutrients worldwide (by ship) from their port terminal in Toledo.   They 
also have their own railroad.

My family has been in the Feed and Seed business in NW Ohio, since 
1888.   Not nearly as successful as the Anderson's, though.

There is also a Utah based company, Anderson Lumber, I think they help 
finance some of the PBS home fix-up shows.



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