[aprssig] Anyone using the SCS DSP Tracker?????

Jack Chomley radio at dodo.com.au
Sat Dec 30 14:06:47 CST 2006

I have an SCS DSP Tracker bought recently, see 
http://www.scs-ptc.com/controller.html it was intended to run it on HF APRS 
@ 300 baud. I have had a lot of grief in trying to get this thing to work, 
or at least check its operation, before I switch it to APRS mode and get on 
The TRCONFIG program works OK to load the parameters to the unit, however 
the explanation of some parameters is not clear as to the function they 
have. Whilst the documentation makes mention of TNC2, its not like the TNC2 
I know of old. The unit is claimed to also work as a Packet TNC and that is 
where I started with it, in attempt to get it going. The manual gave a list 
of programs to try, that were allegedly compatible....after 2 days, 3 
WIN98SE reloads because one of the programs (Easy Transfer) kept lunching 
DLLs after install, I still could not get this thing running. Tried Paxon, 
NcHost etc too, but I was successful in getting dumb terminal mode on 1 
program to "talk" to the unit under XP pro, but that was it.  I suspect the 
USB driver that SCS use is part of the problem on WIN98SE, since it looks 
like the Tracker  must run (Nordlink)  Hostmode, however documentation is 
scant on this. I tried XP pro and got more reliable USB comms with 
programs, however it still will not work properly with suggested software. 
I am reluctant to simply set it up on APRS as it is,  without first testing 
it on Packet. I would appreciate any ideas that might get this unit going 
reliably. I do know it is transmitting UI frames, but that about it!



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