[aprssig] Commercial integrated APRS/GPS handhelds?

Kauto Huopio oh2lfm at sral.fi
Sun Dec 31 05:30:11 CST 2006

Greetings from OH land,

Just wondering: the market of APRS-capable commercial rigs has
been extremely quiet. With the introduction of GPS modules,
integration of GPS to a VHF/UHF handheld should not be a major
task. OK, APRS users are a niche market inside a niche market
of amateur radio to equipment manufacturers, but still..not a
single integrated 2m/70cm APRS-capable GPS-equipped handheld?

Reasonably priced, that would be a hit among the ham emergency
rescue service community, worldwide..

--Kauto OH2LFM

Kauto Huopio - oh2lfm at sral.fi
Kolmas linja 31 A 1, FI-00530 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358-40-5008774

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