[aprssig] D7 observation

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Wed Feb 8 20:17:11 CST 2006

So now that I've got data cables to hook up to my D7, I'm doing a lot more
poking and prodding to see what it can and can't do.  I've noticed that in
Magellan output mode it always reports an altitude of zero when it generates
waypoints, even though it seems to parse the altitude out for its own
display.  It shouldn't even be a matter of firmware space - APRS altitudes
can be pretty much passed straight through.  There's also no attempt to set
an icon besides the default, and no comment is set.

Anyone know if there was a reason for this?  Seems like it would be an easy
thing to implement.  In fact, I know it'd be an easy thing to implement it,
because I just did the same thing for the Tracker2 the other day.  Perhaps
Kenwood just decided that no one would bother looking up such information on
their GPS when it was available on the radio's display?

Haven't even had a chance to start abusing the TNC functions yet...


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