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[aprssig] MFJ 1270B

Fred Atkinson, WB4AEJ fred at wb4aej.com
Sun Jan 1 00:03:19 UTC 2006

    I just pulled my old TNC out.  It is an MFJ 1270B with version 1.2.9

                        MFJ ENTERPRISES INC TNC-2
                        AX.25 Level 2 Version 2.0 + FAX
                        Release 1.2.9  12/23/92 - 32K RAM
                        Checksum $17

    I have three questions.

                        1.    Can I run an IGATE at home with this TNC?

                        2.    Will this version of firmware do (I suspect I
need to upgrade it)?
                    If so, should I get the 1.1.9 with KISS from TAPR or is
there another

                        3.    Is 32k enough memory or should [or can] I add

    The manual is in PDF format (I downloaded the 1270C manual from the MFJ
site).  It's difficult to find things having to scroll through nearly 300

    I'll keep looking.  But if any of you can answer this, I'd appreciate
hearing from you.


Fred, WB4AEJ

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