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[aprssig] Re: APRS for Skywarn ?

Arte Booten n2zrc at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 1 11:35:57 UTC 2006

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Hi all,

Ron wrote:

>You can move the pointer over a callsign and get a tooltip that contains
>the weather info. No clicking required.  If you want data for a particular
>station, double clicking on [it] brings up the detail window which displays
>weather info.

     Yes, but both of these instances require some level of user intervention.
The original post stated that the installation was to be at a National Weather
Service office.  As many of us know, during a weather event, these profession-
als are too busy to do  much more than glance at an APRS screen.   APRSDos and
WinMacAPRS  can display information pertinent to them without  their having to
do anything except look.   They can also exclude all  other stations from that
display, removing what would be nothing but screen clutter to them.

     Don't get me wrong ... I like UI-View.  I'm QRV with it 24/7/52.   But it
was simply not envisioned as being used in such an environment by Roger.   The
add-ons that have been written to the API are also great  (I use UI-NWS, and I
retransmit watches and warnings from my local  NWSFO  onto  RF).   I don't use
NWS-GET  because I'm only running  Precision Mapping 5.   I have the NWS shape
files loaded, and the counties "light up" when appropriate.

     The original post on this thread  implied that their installation of APRS
would be in an environment that may not have a ham present ... possibly an  RX
only station.  The staff of that NWSFO simply don't have the time or knowledge
of how to get the  data from APRS that they need,  so why not KISS them?   The
simpler and faster it is for them to get that data, the better, right?      73
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