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[aprssig] pointless text in the status (was: Preparing for a long roadtrip - VA)

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 1 02:51:20 UTC 2006

Richard Amirault wrote:
> simple front panel setting, do.
> (snip)
> Yes, but there *are* other folks .. folks who HAVE heard about Voice 
> Alert .. who DO understand how it works AND how to set it up .. but 
> DON'T USE IT because they have no use for it.
> Bob, not all hams have the same view, mindset, orientation, aims, goals 
> .. whatever .. as you do.
There are a lot of hams jumping into APRS with Tini-tracks and such that 
have no Idea how it works. All they know is it is supposed to show the 
positing on internet. Many do not even have a radio capable of 
monitoring the frequency.
Most repeaters use 100 hz as a default to help eliminate intermod.
Some just stick 100 hz into every channel just in case.
They will trigger everyones PL decoder, but have no way of talking back.
Much education is needed for those dummy downed hams.
We are all amatuer operators and newbees are amatuers, so it is up to us 
to be self policing and educate them.
However I am to P.O.'d to do it any more.
My problem is most do not want to know anything even when you want to help.
P.O.'d in Nevada

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