[aprssig] pointless text in the status (was: Preparing for a long roadtrip - VA)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 1 08:18:11 CDT 2006

>>> ramirault at verizon.net 05/31/06 10:19 PM >>>
>> As I posted before, of every new person I meet with a D700,
>> less than half have ever heard of "Voice Alert".  ANd half of the
>> half that have, admit "they dont understand it and have not
>> set it up"....
>Yes, but there *are* other folks .. folks who HAVE heard about 
>Voice Alert .. who DO understand how it works... but DON'T USE IT 
>because they have no use for it.
>Bob, not all hams have the same view, mindset, orientation, aims, 
>goals ..  whatever .. as you do.
>n1jdu.org                                   "Go Fly A Kite" 

No problem at all.  But I was not talking about them.  I was talking
about the other 3/4ths?.... who have not heard about it or have
not understood how to set it up.   That is:  Those that I see drive 
right by me on the interstate, but I have no way to contact them 
because they are not announcing their voice channel nor monitoring 
Voice Alert.     Bob

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