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[aprssig] Burst after voice (was pointless text)

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Jun 1 15:38:42 UTC 2006

> anywhere from a brief instant to 2 seconds then re-keys the radio and 
> transmits my position.  It's almost like the TNC in the radio 
> was distracted 
> at the moment I unkeyed and then tried to catch up.  I 
> suspect it's in the 
> process of collecting a GPS sentence at the moment I unkey.  It's 

That's likely.  I had the same problem with the OpenTracker, since it hasn't
got enough memory to hold both the current position and a new incoming
position.  I think the way it's set up now, as soon as you key the mic it'll
hold whatever fix it has and stop trying to acquire another one.  If it
didn't have a fix and doesn't get one by the time you unkey, it'll just
abort the sequence and not send anything.

Has anyone been using any mic-e tracker with a (non-Kenwood) handheld and
speaker mic?  I set up a circuit to separate out the PTT signal for a
Motorola HT and it worked, but I'm not sure the same circuit would be
suitable for all radios.  Also, I was just coupling the audio through a
capacitor and there was more loss than I wanted - I guess it should really
use an op amp or at least a common emitter amplifier.  Doesn't seem to be
enough demand for this setup to really make it worth developing.


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