[aprssig] NWS messages

Amateur Radio WB8NUT duffy at wb8nut.com
Fri Jun 2 12:30:19 CDT 2006

Is Dale's wxsvr the only way that NWS messages and warnings are 
communicated to the APRS network?  If it is, how is it he claims average 
number of users are less than one an hour?  Many fixed APRS operations 
use the NWS warnings as an overlay to their APRS maps.  So if his wxsvr 
goes off the net, so goes all the APRS weather warnings?


Mike Miller wrote:
> The following was sent to the UI-View list in response to query 
> about UI-NWS.
>> Wxsvr has developed some problems and is also on a computer that is 
>> going to be rebuilt this weekend.  I cannot say for sure I will restart
>> it.  The average number of users is less than one per hour, hardly worth
>> the electricity to run it.  I am no longer convinced the service has
>> enough merit to warrant the bandwidth used.
>> 73 de kg5qd Dale
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