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[aprssig] KPC 3+ and Peet Bros 100 interfacing

Richard Sharp, KQ4KX kq4kx at arrl.net
Sun Jun 4 13:48:55 UTC 2006

True however, I found that $ULTW provides MUCH better wind speed results.
The !! mode is simply a "snapshot" of the wind speed at that exact moment
the LT buffer is loaded.  With $ULTW you get the average & peak wind speed
over the past five minutes.  I originally used !! but after Hurricane
Charley was quite disappointed in the wind speed readings.  I changed to
$ULTW and Hurricanes Francis & Jeanne resulted in much more realistic wind
speed readings.

I'd like to see something like smartbeaconing for weather stations where a
higher wind speed will result in more frequent weather beacons (within
reason of course).


On Jun 4, 2006, at 9:02 AM, Chuck Kimball wrote:

> It's set for packet mode (1 packet every 5 minutes with the $ULTW  
> string, and it runs 2400 baud which I've set the KPC3+ to).

I'd highly recommend using !! instead of $ULTW. The latter, as you  
note, sends one packet every 5 minutes. There is no synchronization  
between this and the transmission time. On average the data you send  
will be 2.5 minutes old, with a worst-case of five minutes.

Steve K4HG

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