[aprssig] KPC 3+ and Peet Bros 100 interfacing

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at patmedia.net
Sun Jun 4 13:31:48 CDT 2006

Chuck wrote:

>I've been trying to get an Ultimeter 100 station I got earlier this week 
>interfaced to a KPC3+ for a digi site, and seem to be chasing my tail.

>I've tried both the serial input, and the GPS input on the DB9.   I can 
>see the data from the Ultimeter on my PC.   I can get data from my GPS 
>into the KPC 3+. 
>But I can't get the WX data to show up in the LT.   Anyone fought this 
>battle before me? 

If the semi-colon in front of the INT GPS statement  (; INT GPS) is to make
it a comment (I think it does), then that command is not working and needs
to work in order for the KPC to accept WX data

And of course you need to power cycle the TNC off and on for the TNC's GPS
(WX) mode to take affect. Maybe you were doing this, but you didn't say
(although you say you got the data from the GPS to work).

I assume you've set the WX station for $ULTW mode. I think the default is !!
mode. You can test whether you did by changing the GPSH command to "GPSH 1 !
". If you then start to get data in the LT buffer, then you'll know the

(BTW, I use the LT 1 % command to clear the buffer when testing.)

And I too use the ULTW packets, not !! packets, because I think it gives
wind peak speed. The time delay that Steve mentions is a fact, but I felt
more data was preferable to more timely data.

Ralph Milnes KC2RLM

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