[aprssig] KPC 3+ and Peet Bros 100 interfacing

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sun Jun 4 14:18:06 CDT 2006

> I've been trying to get an Ultimeter 100 station I got 
> earlier this week 
> interfaced to a KPC3+ for a digi site, and seem to be chasing my tail.

Chuck, what's the site setup like?  Solar power or commercial?  The KPC-3+
is doing digipeating and weather?

I'm looking for not-terribly-remote sites for the next round of beta testing
for my Tracker2 project.  I need to get the Ultimeter code ported from the
OpenTracker still, but that'll be ready soon.  It's already working as a
digipeater, and the digi settings are now all remotely configurable.  And
it's all configurable via APRS messages, so there's no need to have a direct
AX.25 link like with a regular TNC.

The OT's Ultimeter code works in 'datalogger' or 'full' modes, and will
report everything the station gives it that can be put in a standard APRS WX
packet.  And it uses the standard format, with position, so it'll show up on
D700s and such.

I'm out of the first round of standard boards, gotta get the next revision
off to the board house this week.  I do have quite a few miniature surface
mount boards that are the same size as the OpenTracker or TinyTrak3, but
some of them have flaky clock oscillators.  The next batch of boards should
be ready in a couple of weeks, by which time I should have the weather stuff
up and running.  If you want to ditch the KPC-3+ entirely, let me know and
maybe I can help you out.


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