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Sun Jun 4 14:54:30 CDT 2006

Wind data is noisy enough that you have to have some sort of threshold.  I
implemented this for the OpenTracker, so that paraglider launch and landing
sites could get up-to-date information about changing conditions without
flooding the network the rest of the time.  Not sure how many people are
actually using it, though.


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> >I'd like to see something like smartbeaconing for weather 
> >stations where a higher wind speed will result in more 
> >frequent weather beacons...
> That was fundamental in the original APRS since 1995.  Like 
> everything else, unchanging data was transmitted less and less 
> often.  So for Weather, if nothing was changing, then the time to
> the next packet was doubled.  Out to a maximum of 30 minutes,
> but usually something changed before 30 was ever reached.
> But since, in some areas, wind is always changing, there was a 
> special users settable wind threshold.   Wind would  not be 
> considered  "new data" unless it was above a certain speed.    
> Above that speed, then changing wind would re-start 
> the packet decay algorithm.
> I think several APRS clones may have ignored this fundamental 
> part of the protocol.
> de Wb4APR, Bob
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