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[aprssig] New User Question(s)

Jim Campbell jim-c at charter.net
Sun Jun 4 21:10:17 UTC 2006

I am a new user and could use some handholding.  I have two APRS 
stations.  The first uses a laptop running UI-View through an MFJ-1274 
(KISS mode) into the home 2-meter station running about 10 watts into a 
Ringo Ranger II.  The second a TinyTrack3+ using a Deluo GPS and driving 
an HT running about a watt.  I have tried the HT with a rubber duck as 
well as a 5/8 wave mag mounted antenna on my car.

The laptop can see local APRS stations as well as the TinyTrack3+, but 
none of the local digis appear to see either of my stations. I'm 
wondering if the problem is in setting up the routing.  Initially, I had 
the TT3 set up with a route of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1.  I believe the home 
station had just APRS as the route, but as I stated earlier I'm new and 
not sure if that is the entry for routing.  Should I set my routing as 

In watching other local stations, I see the following kinds of routing:
1)  ...>APRS,W4ABC*,W4DEF*,...
2)  ...>3URS6T,W4GHI*...

I understand that the first item in the routing list is really the 
destination, so the "APRS" makes sense as a generic destination.  
However, the "3URS6T" is a total mystery to me.  Also, does the "*" 
indicate that the message has been digipeated?

I'm in a low-usage area.  UI-Aloha tells me that there are only 33 
stations in my area.

I realize that I've asked several questions here, but any help would be 
much appreciated.


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