[aprssig] New User Question(s)

Robbie, wa9inf mwrobertson at comcast.net
Sun Jun 4 16:54:36 CDT 2006

Jim Campbell wrote:

> I am a new user and could use some handholding.  I have two APRS 
> stations.  The first uses a laptop running UI-View through an MFJ-1274 
> (KISS mode) into the home 2-meter station running about 10 watts into 
> a Ringo Ranger II.  The second a TinyTrack3+ using a Deluo GPS and 
> driving an HT running about a watt.  I have tried the HT with a rubber 
> duck as well as a 5/8 wave mag mounted antenna on my car.
> The laptop can see local APRS stations as well as the TinyTrack3+, but 
> none of the local digis appear to see either of my stations. I'm 
> wondering if the problem is in setting up the routing.  Initially, I 
> had the TT3 set up with a route of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1.  I believe the 
> home station had just APRS as the route, but as I stated earlier I'm 
> new and not sure if that is the entry for routing.  Should I set my 
> routing as "APRS,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1"?
> In watching other local stations, I see the following kinds of routing:
> 1)  ...>APRS,W4ABC*,W4DEF*,...
> 2)  ...>3URS6T,W4GHI*...
> I understand that the first item in the routing list is really the 
> destination, so the "APRS" makes sense as a generic destination.  
> However, the "3URS6T" is a total mystery to me.  Also, does the "*" 
> indicate that the message has been digipeated?
> I'm in a low-usage area.  UI-Aloha tells me that there are only 33 
> stations in my area.
> I realize that I've asked several questions here, but any help would 
> be much appreciated.
> Jim
> W4BQP, W4BQP-5
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Hi Jim,

First, the path in the 1 watt TT3 is correct, but the 1 watt just may 
not be enough to hit a the first digipeater. The first digipeater 
probable would be you! So if you can, you need to set your home station 
to digipeat on your callsign, and WIDE1-1. That is done in 
Setup/Digipeater Setup. Hit F1 for an explanation..

Secondly, your home station, UI-View32, should have an unproto path of 
APRS,WIDE2-2 for starters. Later after you learn more, you can decrease 
the two hops to one, or increase the hops to 3, or leave it alone at the 
APRS,WIDE2-2, two hops.

The APRS must be in the UNPROTO path! And then the number of hops to get 
you onto the APRS local network, which will also, probably get you on 
the Findu.com webpage for all to see...

Good luck, you are almost there, :-)


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