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[aprssig] New User Question(s)

Jim Campbell jim-c at charter.net
Mon Jun 5 00:19:27 UTC 2006

Robbie, wa9inf wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> First, the path in the 1 watt TT3 is correct, but the 1 watt just may 
> not be enough to hit a the first digipeater. The first digipeater 
> probable would be you! So if you can, you need to set your home 
> station to digipeat on your callsign, and WIDE1-1. That is done in 
> Setup/Digipeater Setup. Hit F1 for an explanation..
> Secondly, your home station, UI-View32, should have an unproto path of 
> APRS,WIDE2-2 for starters. Later after you learn more, you can 
> decrease the two hops to one, or increase the hops to 3, or leave it 
> alone at the APRS,WIDE2-2, two hops.
> The APRS must be in the UNPROTO path! And then the number of hops to 
> get you onto the APRS local network, which will also, probably get you 
> on the Findu.com webpage for all to see...
> Good luck, you are almost there, :-)
> Robbie 


Thanks for the info.  While implementing your suggestions, I discovered 
that the home station wasn't transmitting.  I'll have to go troubleshoot 
that before I can proceed further.  Your info, and that of the other 
responders to my original request is giving me a leg up on getting 
everything working.

A question, though.  Why does the TT3 not need APRS in the path while 
UI-View does need it in its' path?

Thanks again,


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