[aprssig] New User Question(s)

Jim Campbell jim-c at charter.net
Sun Jun 4 19:45:50 CDT 2006


I've addressed some of your reply in my previous posts, but not the 
following.  Probably the only time I was able to hit a digi was when I 
was using the station antenna, the Ringo, with my HT and the TT3.  In 
UI-View, my home station, I am using W4BQP.  The TT3 station is using 
W4BQP-5.  Although I've tried several permutations of equipment in the 
past few days.

I will probably set up my home station as a digi, but I am going to wait 
until I understand things a lot better before I try to set it up as an 
I-gate.  I don't want to put a bunch of extraneous stuff on the 
internet.  Heaven knows that there's already too much of it out there 
already <G>.

I'll be back when I get my TNC - radio transmit problem straightened out.

Thanks and 73,


Keith - VE7GDH wrote:

> I don't see any sign of the UI-View station having made it to an 
> IGate, but what callsign-SSID was it using? If you have an Internet 
> connection, you could even run an IGate from your home station.

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