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[aprssig] New User Question(s)

J T w0jrt at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 5 02:06:11 UTC 2006

Jim Campbell <jim-c at charter.net> wrote:A question, though.  Why does the TT3 not need APRS in the path while 
UI-View does need it in its' path?

  UI-View is different in that it asks for the destination  and path in one line separated by commas, making the destination look  like part of the path.  That can be very confusing for people who  have only used UI-View and then go on to use other APRS applications,  such as the D700.  ALL other APRS programs (I believe) have the  user enter the destination and path into separate fields.  For  applications that use MIC-E encoding (such as the TT3), the destination  field is used to transport data to help reduce the packet length, so  there is no need to enter a destination when using those applications  -- it's filled in by the TT3.
  -Jerome, W0JRT

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