[aprssig] Delayed packets

Wes johnston wes at kd4rdb.com
Tue Jun 6 08:38:28 CDT 2006

WRT uiview, we had two stations near here doing it and in each case they 
were UIview, which lead me to my previous conclusion.  Your report that a 
copy of xastir did it is the first I've heard of the problem outside uiview. 
This begs the question: what do these delayed packet igates have in common? 
this could lead us to pointing fingers at a particular brand of USB serial 
adapter.  I have one that is based on the prolific chipset that won't 
program my TT3 b/c the last packet never gets sent until another one comes 
along to "push" it out.  Many laptops and some desktops are now coming with 
USB on the motherboard for serial ports, could that be the problem?


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> On Tue, 6 Jun 2006, Wes johnston wrote:
>> Although it is difficult to prove, this delayed delivery of a packet 
>> seems
>> to always revolve around the UI-View client.
> Very difficult to prove, considering it isn't true!  ;-)
> I know of at least one Xastir client that has had the same sorts of
> difficulty, gating things in either direction late.  It appears to
> be a function of that particular machine 'cuz I don't recall hearing
> of others that do it.  Never figured out why it does it on that one,
> which is owned by a nearby friend of mine.
>> running uiview in our area to stop igating and the problem went away for 
>> us.
>> Please let us know what you find.  Unfortunately, we all know the chances 
>> of
>> fixing this....
> Because the author is SK?  Yea, but I thought all of UI-View's ills
> could be fixed with a plug-in...  More than likely somebody will
> write a plug-in to replace the igate functionality if it's possible
> to do that particular piece with the plug-in API.  I've come to the
> conclusion that people won't ever let UI-View die a natural death.
> More than likely people will keep older Windows versions around
> after newer Windows releases make it obsolete, just to run UI-View.
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