[aprssig] Problem w/latitude on _many_ APRS stations

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Tue Jun 6 11:19:58 CDT 2006

On Tue, 6 Jun 2006, Curt, WE7U wrote:

> I'm seeing packets like this from MANY stations right now.  Looks
> like a recent software release screwed up the latitude field:
> KG6JXZ>APRS,TCPXX*,qAO,T2WXCWOP:@051440z37296.22N/12049.25W_355/002g008t066r000p000P000b10110h58.WD
> CW5496>APRS,TCPXX*,qAO,T2WXCWOP:@051600z10431.20S/03914.40E_179/000g...t084r000p...P000b10160h13.ats_whawk
> Anyone know what software this is?  Looks like some citizen's
> weather software perhaps.
> There's one too many digits in the latitude.  Sure makes for an
> interesting display in Xastir!  I'll have to tweak the decode logic
> to urp all over packets like this.

I'll revise this by stating that it looks like 10's of stations, not
"_many_" as I stated before.  Looks to be that the citizen's weather
software doesn't enforce the proper lat/long formats.

I have a fix for Xastir so that these packets won't bother our
little app again.  They'll get dumped on the floor where they

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