[aprssig] Delayed packets

Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Tue Jun 6 12:57:36 CDT 2006

I'm not so sure it's in how the Digi's are setup. Somebody correct me if I'm
wrong (or where I might go wrong) but wouldn't this scenario be possible?
User A0APRS sends out a packet with WIDE3-3. Digi B0APRS picks up the packet
and sends it one as WIDE3-2. Digi C0APRS also hears the packet and digi's
the packet along as WIDE3-2. Digi D0APRS hears the packet from C0APRS and
digi's it as WIDE3-1. Now hears the weird part. What if Digi B0APRS can hear
D0APRS? Unless it's doing dup checking on more than it's own call sign being
in the path it would redigi the packet from C0APRS as WIDE3*. Now if you add
some DWAIT time and/or some stuck squelch issues and/or some busy RF network
issues into the mix might it be possible for there to be a two minute delay
between the first packet B0APRS hears directly from A0APRS and the second
packet that hears from D0APRS? Now through into the mix that the IGate that
is listening to all of this is E0APRS and it's picking up the packets from
B0APRS wouldn't they look like two different packets coming in at two
different times?

Hope that was all clear. :-)

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