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[aprssig] RE: Full-Feeds

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Thu Jun 8 19:42:12 UTC 2006

dick at kb7zva.com wrote:
> So we bent to some political pressure and here we are back again with the
> problems as before. In your own public statement and I quote: 'Clients and
> IGates should connect to non-core servers.'
> Later you added: 'Servers (such as javAPRSSrvr, aprsD, and AHub) should
> connect to the core servers.'
> Seems to me that recommendation is clear. We have the same core as we did
> before but it's ok to let clients and IGates back in because they offer
> the same ports we do. How in the world does that make for a better core
> service by allowing additional connects? How many users can possibly use
> 3 core servers?
Pete, seems to me, based on this equation then, that javAPRSSrvrs that 
are being used as IGates only and not as servers should connect to 
non-core servers.  However, many of them do not, because your default 
configuration has the core servers in the rotation.  Then we are accused 
of spamming the users when we attempt to contact them and discuss their 
connection options.  It has nothing to do with any anti-core sentiment, 
as some have pointed out - I'm merely putting 2 + 2 together from your 
equation.  And when I suggested to you that you might reconsider how you 
package your default configuration file, your answer was that the users 
could fix it for themselves.  The problem is, most do not know how to 
fix it and most do not want to take the time to learn.  Thus, the core 
is having to handle far more full-feed connections than necessary 
because of default configuration settings like yours.  The other 
software that has default configuration settings that are becoming a 
pain to APRS-IS sysops is UI-View.  Again, I personally have helped over 
one hundred UI-View users change their default server settings to 
something much more useful.  It's the old issue of letting the sysops 
design the network versus letting the end-user figure it out for 
themselves.  The same argument is playing out in the NSR digipeater debate.

Phil - AD6NH

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