[aprssig] Re: High density timeslotting

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Jun 8 23:41:02 CDT 2006

> TNC.  Nearly any ( even single-port) TNC can do this if you 
> connect the 
> input to one radio's receiver and it's audio output and PTT lines to 
> another radio on another band.  I have even done this in-band by 

Will most TNCs still decode packets while they're transmitting?  I've never
tested it.  I know the T2 won't, not as it stands now, but that's because of
the very CPU-intensive PWM-based AFSK synthesis.  It's an unusual case,
though, and I'm not aware of anything else that works quite the same way.

> Any, as long as it is adequately cooled (or the TX power is 
> reduced well 
> below max output).     Again, a D700 on low power (5-10 watts) can 

I'm pretty sure my TM-271A would need a good water cooling system to handle
100% at high power!  What's out there that'll do 25 or 30 watts without
significant modification?


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