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[aprssig] Re: High density timeslotting

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Fri Jun 9 13:41:21 UTC 2006

>2M monobanders (rated as 25W in high power mode) at  10 watts continuously 
>keydown for several hours at a time.

GE Delta; Motorola Syntor X; GE Exec II or GE Mastr II. All those will run 
continuous at 25w or better, depending on the exact model. The first two 
are synthesized.

GE Phoenix 40w raidio will run a 25-30w output for at least 7 weeks keyed 
down, with a 4" fan moving air across the heat sink. I intented to test for 
a week and left it on for an extended period by mistake. Output was fine on 
the spec an at the end of the intended test

Why use Kenwood, Yaesu, or Icoms for any at-site packet? Commercial grade 
radios "Blend In" better, and usually have more selective receiver 
front-ends; and transmitters designed for higher duty cycle without failure.

I normally get V and U Phoenix (25w under dash) and V or U Exec ]['s given 
to me. No accessories. No big deal. All of the above make great repeaters 
or packet stations. They almost always are available on Ebay or at most ham 

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