Position Ambiguity [was] Re: [aprssig] findu.com....

Chris Howard w0ep at frii.com
Fri Jun 9 13:05:23 CDT 2006

>  Users find and submit bug reports for applications. The *authors* fix
> them, not the users. That's the norm on this planet.

Not really.

For commercial software it depends a lot on the commercial impact of the
bug and the cost of correcting it.

For free or open source software it also depends on the impact of the
bug, the effort involved in correcting it, the perceived value of the
correction, and the continuing interest of someone who has the
technical ability to make the correction.

In either case your chance of getting a bug fixed goes up if you can
participate in providing a solution.

So yes, in many cases the users fix the bugs.  That is why the open
source software movement works so well.

Any popular software will provide the authors with a list of "fixes" 
and enhancements that is longer than time or resources will cover.


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