Position Ambiguity [was] Re: [aprssig] findu.com....

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Fri Jun 9 13:40:12 CDT 2006

> Please do... and add a notice that you should not read these 
> maps while 
> driving a car with a hot cup of McDonalds coffee in your lap 
> while jabbering 
> into your cellphone.

Don't forget, these maps are not to be used for invasion planning or weapon
targeting purposes!

No one ever reads those things anyway.  When I used to run a fairly popular
web site for the USAF, I once added the following to the standard government
disclaimer on the login page for April Fool's Day:

"Do not use while pregnant or nursing. Some settling of contents may have
occured. Not to be used as an emergency flotation device."

I forgot about it and didn't take it down after the 1st.  Took about two
months for anyone to notice it and say something.


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