[aprssig] Feeding multiple stations into one for digipeating?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jun 11 15:25:05 CDT 2006

TO set up a multi-receive site APRS central digi:
1) Set main digi to input on 144.99 and TX 
    on 144.39 supporting WIDEn-N
2) Set remote receive sites to listen on 144.39 
    and TX on 144.99 supporting WIDE1-1 only.
Result would be 
a) Priority access to all locals in range of any of the receivers.
b) Each lower remote receiver would hear less DX QRM
b) Nothing from anywhere else would get through since they 
    would have to go through a WIDE1-1 to get to the main digi.
An interesting arrngement with minimal hardware and
only operating normally 144.39 but with + and - 600 offsets.
A unique result which may have some alpplicaion in some
area for a special event.

Bob, Wb4APR

>>> pagreen at gmail.com 06/11/06 3:57 PM >>>
Hi All,

  I'm wondering if anyone has ever used multiple receiver sites
for an APRS station.  I got an idea to run a couple stations in
the area into a single station that has a higher profile setup
in the area.  The idea is to have a couple lower profile
stations nearby relay its receive to the bigger station to be
dupe checked and transmitted out of the packets meet the normal
repeating criteria while the site itself still receive as it does today.

  I have a station at a good location running Linux to support
multiple instances of APRS applications.  In this case I have
Xastir running for an end user station as well as using it for
I-gate functionality and I have Digi_ned running for its superior
digipeating capabilities.  The problem is the high profile stations
capture the receiver and to help in this area, I wanted to use
additional receivers to be to capture local stations better and
with a higher percentage than I am today.

  I've run the Digi_ned portion to digipeat everything to a UHF
9600 channel in the past and this worked well.  The packets were
dupe checked and I was able to hear every station that the site
heard in that configuration.

  I want to go a step further and have some receive locations
that are nearby connect via the internet and relay all the
packets to the main station for digipeating if the packets
qualify for digipeating and that were missed by the main

1.  Would APRSD work to do this?
2.  How do I bridge BPQethernet?  If this would work, I could
use Digi_ned.

Any information and ideas would be appreciated.

73 de Pat --- KA9SCF.

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