[aprssig] TIGER maps what-s the problem?

w0ep w0ep at frii.com
Sun Jun 11 18:02:34 CDT 2006

I'm getting more and more confused about this Tiger Maps discussion.

If a data source like TIGER is used, how will a programmer know
whether there are errors or how big those errors are?
Can a blanket statement be made that they are inaccurate
+/- X-number of feet/meters/miles?

I do understand the idea of displaying APRS objects in
light of their self-declared precision.
But I don't understand how that issue morphed into what appears
to be some gripe about the use of TIGER data.

One of the affirmative defenses against nits about the accuracy
of the map database would be:  that's all that is available for
free usage,  you want better data you have to peel off some
real money.  Is this not true?


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