[aprssig] Re: Feeding multiple stations into one for digipeating?

Patrick Green pagreen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 19:44:25 CDT 2006

On 6/11/06, Steve Dimse <steve at dimse.com> wrote:
> Just so you understand the reason passions may be aroused by your
> proposal, consider that the APRS Internet System is really the
> world's largest diversity receiver system. There are hundreds of
> participating receivers, not just four. The APRS-IS removes all the
> duplicates from multiple receivers, yet clearly trying to force the
> stream back out on RF is not going to work. That is an extreme
> example, but when you talk about the system you are describing, the
> concern some people have is that it will degrade the local RF
> network. In an area with low traffic loading, using outlying
> receivers feeding a central transmitter may improve things, but in an
> area with moderate to high RF traffic, it will make things worse.

There is no perfect world and a balance is the best possible answer.  In
an area where there is moderate to high traffic, if when a receiver site
system suddenly uncovers many stations that were unable to be
transmitted before, the central digi will clog up any remaining space
in the network and as a result ALOHA circles are reduced.  However,
if each of these receive sites that actually transmitted, the network
would be impacted more for every station added.

I want to increase the number of receivers but not the transmitters.
While APRS-IS has hundreds of receivers, 99% of them are not
covering in the area of the transmitter in this case.  If there is a
traditional station (1 way igate)  that's in the coverage area, I don't
want to repeat their traffic if they are already repeating said traffic to
RF (a non-participant in the receiver site system).

> I'm sure this thread will soon delve into arguments about ALOHA,
> CSMA, and so on, but keep in mind the first thing a young doctor
> learns: "First do no harm"!
> Steve K4HG

73 de Pat --- KA9SCF.

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