[aprssig] Re: Feeding multiple stations into one for digipeating?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jun 11 21:43:45 CDT 2006

Yes, that is just what FILL-IN WIDE1-1 digi's do.  No matter
how may copies get to the central digi, it will only digipeat one.
And nothing is simpler than a WIDE1-1 digi.  de Wb4APR, Bob

>>> pagreen at gmail.com 06/11/06 7:46 PM >>>
I wanted to state that what I'm trying to do is capture small
trackers better.  This is no different than what a multi-receive
site repeater does.  It has a "voter" that takes the best quieting
signal and transmits it.  I want to do the same here, If I have 4
copies of the same packet each from 4 different participating
receivers and the packet is eligible for retransmission, only 1
copy gets sent out over RF.  The central digi will still be CSMA
to the other traffic on channel.  I want to use the internet as the
medium to bring the traffic to the central digi.

73 de Pat --- KA9SCF.

On 6/11/06, Patrick Green <pagreen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
>   I'm wondering if anyone has ever used multiple receiver sites
> for an APRS station.  I got an idea to run a couple stations in
> the area into a single station that has a higher profile setup
> in the area.  The idea is to have a couple lower profile
> stations nearby relay its receive to the bigger station to be
> dupe checked and transmitted out of the packets meet the normal
> repeating criteria while the site itself still receive as it does today.
>   I have a station at a good location running Linux to support
> multiple instances of APRS applications.  In this case I have
> Xastir running for an end user station as well as using it for
> I-gate functionality and I have Digi_ned running for its superior
> digipeating capabilities.  The problem is the high profile stations
> capture the receiver and to help in this area, I wanted to use
> additional receivers to be to capture local stations better and
> with a higher percentage than I am today.
>   I've run the Digi_ned portion to digipeat everything to a UHF
> 9600 channel in the past and this worked well.  The packets were
> dupe checked and I was able to hear every station that the site
> heard in that configuration.
>   I want to go a step further and have some receive locations
> that are nearby connect via the internet and relay all the
> packets to the main station for digipeating if the packets
> qualify for digipeating and that were missed by the main
> station.
> 1.  Would APRSD work to do this?
> 2.  How do I bridge BPQethernet?  If this would work, I could
> use Digi_ned.
> Any information and ideas would be appreciated.
> 73 de Pat --- KA9SCF.

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