[aprssig] New TRACKER system

WB4GQK at aol.com WB4GQK at aol.com
Mon Jun 12 10:46:51 CDT 2006

Hi All,

I thought all of you on the APRSSIG might be interested it this latest 
release. Seems everyone is getting into the game.


>"SCS Tracker / DSP TNC "
>"The "SCS Tracker / DSP TNC" (short: "Tracker") is propably the first
>Packet-Radio "TNC" which uses a DSP as modem and as protocol proces-
>sor (AX.25 Level 2). As the name implicates, the small device is also
>intended to be used as a Position-Tracker, therefore to send position
>data in APRS format. During the construction great value was placed on
>small size of the device, as well as very low power consumption in
>"tracking" mode. The Tracker is capable of all common Packet-Radio
>modulations between 300 and 19200 baud and including "Robust-Packet-
>Radio" (RPR) for shortwaves, which we introduced last year. All modu-
>lation modes are available for normal Packet-Radio (TNC) operation,
>as well as for Tracker operation (APRS). The operating-system of the
>Tracker is widely compatible with "The Firmware", and is therefore
>capable of Hostmode and KISS, which ensures the compatibility to
>common Packet-Radio programs.
>The complete documentation of the Tracker can be downloaded from our

>   http://www.scs-ptc.com/datasheets/scs_tracker_dsp_tnc_en_v5.pdf
>   http://www.scs-ptc.com/download/Tracker_InstallationGuide.pdf
>   http://www.scs-ptc.com/download/tracker_manual_10_english.pdf

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