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[aprssig] New TRACKER system

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Mon Jun 12 16:29:19 UTC 2006

Not much information on APRS features.  Looks like it's got a primitive
speed-dependent beacon rate (1800 seconds / speed in knots), but it also
says it only works in normal TNC mode, not in tracking mode.  It has
compressed position support, no mention of altitude or anything.

The documentation could definitely use some cleanup, maybe by a native
English speaker.

Any idea what this thing costs?


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> Hi All,
> I thought all of you on the APRSSIG might be interested it 
> this latest 
> release. Seems everyone is getting into the game.
> Jim WB4GQK
> >
> >"SCS Tracker / DSP TNC "
> >"The "SCS Tracker / DSP TNC" (short: "Tracker") is propably the first
> >Packet-Radio "TNC" which uses a DSP as modem and as protocol proces-
> >sor (AX.25 Level 2). As the name implicates, the small device is also
> >intended to be used as a Position-Tracker, therefore to send position
> >data in APRS format. During the construction great value was 
> placed on
> >small size of the device, as well as very low power consumption in
> >"tracking" mode. The Tracker is capable of all common Packet-Radio
> >modulations between 300 and 19200 baud and including "Robust-Packet-
> >Radio" (RPR) for shortwaves, which we introduced last year. All modu-
> >lation modes are available for normal Packet-Radio (TNC) operation,
> >as well as for Tracker operation (APRS). The operating-system of the
> >Tracker is widely compatible with "The Firmware", and is therefore
> >capable of Hostmode and KISS, which ensures the compatibility to
> >common Packet-Radio programs.
> >The complete documentation of the Tracker can be downloaded from our
> >website:
> >   http://www.scs-ptc.com/datasheets/scs_tracker_dsp_tnc_en_v5.pdf
> >   http://www.scs-ptc.com/download/Tracker_InstallationGuide.pdf
> >   http://www.scs-ptc.com/download/tracker_manual_10_english.pdf
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