[aprssig] Aprs used during fire

Wes Johnston wes at kd4rdb.com
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No, I saw the display of the radio, and for certain it said 3040.  Thanks for info though.. I didn't know they used 30mhz.  maybe it was 34.3040?  It was the size of a large HF rig with a gooseneck stud mounted antenna that you could bend so the driven element was vertical, and the driven element was a piece of O.D. carpenter's tape about 3' long.  The radio had a battery back on the rear end of it.  But alas, I guess I was just suprized that a radio op wouldn't know more about his radio.
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  Army helicopters use frequencies in the 34 MHz range (FM mode).  Perhaps he said, thirty-fourty and it sounded like 3040, but should have been 34.40 MHz.


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