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Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Mon Jun 12 15:20:19 CDT 2006

On Fri, 9 Jun 2006, KC2MMI (Jared) wrote:

> Curt, I'm not "going after" anyone. I have said and do say that
> *all* mapping applications that present bad data should be ashamed
> of doing so after they have been notified and intentionally
> decided to leave it uncorrected.

Perhaps a poor choice of words.  I meant:  Why talk only about
APRSWorld when several other apps use the same data.

> Now, as to Xastir? Sorry, Curt, but you know very well that I
> don't run *NIX and despite your oft-repeated remark that Xastir
> runs on Windows, we both know it does NOT run on WIndows, it runs
> on *NIX or a *NIX emulator which may or may not be run on Windows.

Technically you're wrong, but we've been through this before.  It
uses DLL's if running on Windows, which give API's similar to what
the application expects on Unix/Linux.  It is _not_ a Unix emulator.
The DLL's are enhancements to Windows so that the system calls the
application expects are available.  Windows is still running.
There's no Unix/Linux kernel running.  The application _does_ run
under Windows.

How many applications have you installed on Windows before that
require additional DLL's?  I'm sure many.  Most these days bundle
all the required DLL's along with the application.  We don't.

On Linux/Unix, Xastir users shared libraries, which are similar to
DLL's.  Our worlds are not so different.

> I've chosen not to look at those. If you find a rock-solid stable
> boot-from-CD *NIX version that you can distribute with it, let me
> know, I'm always willing to take a look.

I don't typically deal with boot-from CD Linux versions, but they do
exist and some of our users run them.

> And WinAPRS? Sure, it needs better map availability. What makes
> you think the Sprouls don't know it has problems because of using
> the TIGER maps? The difference is, the Sprouls don't come here to
> say "OK Mister, you write the new code for us!".

Because it is not an open-source program.  Theirs is commercial.
Nobody _can_ write code for them, without the source code to begin

I also encourage people to write enhancements or bug-fixes for
Xastir and submit them back to the developers.  Some have the skills
to do this or are willing to learn in order to get their favorite
feature in there.  Others don't.  All-in-all it works pretty well.
Some things get done by the core development team, some get done by
the extended development team which consists of every user out there
that's willing to put forth the effort.

> Don't try to confuse the issue. There's lots of software which
> COULD easily do better. One author feels picked upon because I
> made (and make) that general statement.

FWIW:  I agree.  You bring up valid issues with respect to the map

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