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[aprssig] Fwd: [ui-view] Re: IGate symbol

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jun 12 21:22:45 UTC 2006

APRSdos and UIview both indicate an active IGATE on the
map with a circle or a swuare around the symbol (indep3endent
of the symbol chosen by the station).  THis is based on the
IGate status packet that is periodically transmitted by an

Can we get a list of all the other software that also has this
kind of indication?  And can we make it consistent across all
platforms so that users will all recognise it?  

IF we can get a consistent display for this bit of info then we
can add it to the APRS1.2 spec and encourage all authors to
do it too.

Also, we need to add this to the CAPABILITIES chart...

de Wb4APR, Bob

>>> Robert Bruninga 06/12/06 5:05 PM >>>
>>> la6im at famutne.net 06/12/06 3:12 PM >>>
>The "Blue square" is an UI-View IGate indication only...
>this is not a symbol, but a nice piece of aditional information 
>provided for UI-View users...

APRSdos does it as well, but uses a white circle.  Maybe that
is where we should spin off this thread and add it to APRS1.2
to encourage all authors to provide similar support so that
everyone can see an "IGate" even if another symbol is used.

If anyone uses any other software that indicates an IGATE
by the Igate status beacon, then let me know.  I will 
compile it and see if we can get consistent agreement by
all authors to make this a standard feature of APRS in all
code.  I will happily change the original APRSdow white
circle to a blue square to match UIview since UIview cannot
be easily changed.

Does WinAPRS, XASTIR etc do this?  Ill ask over on the
APRSSIG and run with the topic over there...

Bob, WB4APr

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